What Is Body Contouring?

Body Contouring or body sculpting refers to a procedure that improves the appearance of skin and tissue after a huge weight loss. Body contouring can be done by both surgical and non-surgical procedures. There are various types of body contouring that are done according to the requirement and desired goal of an individual. Dramatic weight loss has many benefits. But after any substantial amount of weight loss which could be due to weight loss surgery or lifestyle changes. Surgical and non-surgical body contouring helps in removing excess sagging skin and fat while improving the shape of the underlying support tissue. Hence better appearance with desired contours.

Body Contouring targets the abdomen, breasts, buttocks, thighs and arms. Surgical procedures include removal of excess fat and skin, muscle tightening or augmentation of specific body parts. Non-surgical include stimulating collagen production, tightening loose skin or reducing localized fat deposits. If you are seeking effective body contouring solutions, Azure Skin Clinic is the clinic known for its exceptional quality of care and successful outcomes. Here we provide significant improvements in overall body aesthetics and help individuals achieve desirable appearance. 


Why People Choose Body Contouring?

People choose to have body contouring to look more defined or to attain a certain shape. When diet and exercise aren’t making a difference and not helping achieve the appearance they want. It is often used on specific areas of the body. Individuals who have undergone significant weight loss or experience loose, saggy or wrinkled skin due to natural aging can benefit from Body Contouring.

Non-surgical procedures work on stimulating collagen production, tightening loose skin or reducing localized fat deposits and Surgical procedures can also remove extra skin to make the skin look smoother and younger. People who have excess skin after significant weight loss can be treated with these treatments. It can also improve loose, saggy or wrinkled skin that occurs with natural aging. By focusing on these specific areas, body contouring treatments can effectively reshape and refine body contours. It provides individuals with their desired results and boosting their self-confidence.


Types Of Body Contouring


  • Liposuction – Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty or Body Contouring, is a surgical procedure that uses suction to remove fat from targeted areas like the stomach, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, or neck. It helps shape and contour these areas, enhancing the body’s appearance.
  • Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) – A tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgical procedure that enhances the shape and appearance of the abdomen. Excess fat and skin are removed, while the abdominal fascia is tightened with sutures. This helps create a more toned look and can be beneficial for individuals with excess fat or skin, weak abdominal walls or seeking to improve body image.
  • Breast Rejuvenation (Including Breast Lift, Reduction or Augmentation) – A breast lift is a surgical procedure that reshapes and raises the breasts by removing excess skin and reshaping breast tissue. It is an option for individuals with sagging breasts or downward-pointing nipples, aiming to enhance self-image and self-confidence. Breast lift can be combined with breast augmentation or reduction, but it does not change breast size.

Other Surgical Types

  • Buttock Augmentation/Butt Lift – A buttock lift is a cosmetic surgery that enhances the appearance of the buttocks. It involves removing excess skin and fat from the buttocks and repositioning the remaining skin for a more toned look. While a buttock lift alone does not add volume, it can be combined with augmentation using implants or fat transfer from other areas of the body to alter the size and shape of the buttocks.
  • Inner Thigh Lift – Thigh lift is a cosmetic surgery that tightens and enhances the appearance of the thighs. It targets excess, sagging skin and dimples caused by aging, pregnancy, or weight loss. The procedure aims to lift and contour the thighs for a slimmer and proportionate look. It can be combined with liposuction for smoother and toned results.
  • Brachioplasty (Arm Lift) – A brachioplasty (Arm Lift) is a surgical procedure that reshapes the upper arm by removing excess skin and tissue, resulting in a smoother appearance. It is often performed when weight loss causes the skin to lose elasticity, leading to skinfolds under the arms, chin, thighs and stomach. This can occur after significant weight loss, including weight loss surgery.
  • Circumferential Body Lift – A circumferential body lift is a surgical procedure where incisions are made around the entire body to remove excess fat and sagging skin. The remaining tissue is repositioned to tighten and lift the skin, improving the appearance of cellulite and creating a more contoured body. This procedure provides more comprehensive results compared to liposuction.



Body Contouring is a range of procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, designed to improve the appearance of skin and tissue after significant weight loss. It targets specific areas of the body such as the abdomen, breasts, buttocks, thighs, and arms to remove excess fat and sagging skin while enhancing overall body contours.

Whether you’re considering liposuction, abdominoplasty, breast rejuvenation, buttock augmentation, thigh lift, arm lift, circumferential body lift, or non-surgical options like cry lipolysis, laser lipolysis, radiofrequency lipolysis, or injection lipolysis, Azure is a clinic known for providing Body Contouring treatments with best results. Visit Azure Skin Clinic to achieve significant improvements in your body aesthetics and attain the desired appearance.

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